A Pokemon-inspired NFT collections


A Pokemon-inspired NFTs, Pokeworld consists of magical NFT collections, where users can start to get some items on their hands.

Each collection will have its main functions inside the Pokeland, the exclusive metaverse where all Pokeworld collections will converge and each user will have acces to Pokeworld Club.

Coming soon, Pokeworld will be adapted as a play-to-earn NFT game making NFT more valuable.


The project consist of a 1st collection of 10000 unique Pokecoins, a utilitary NFTs to access to our 2nd collection of Pokecards created for the play-to-earn game to be release early 2022.

Epoch 1: Pokecoins

Our story begins with a first collection of 10000 randomly selected Pokecoins. The goal of this collection is to engage with our fans as well as give liquidity to the project to be able to finish the second collection.

We will not only recompensate with a Pokecard NFT for those who have minted a Pokecoin, but also Pokecoin holders will have access to our Pokeworld Club. The Pokecoins are based on Pokemon-inspired NFT coins and all of them are unique and preserved.

Each Pokecoin will have an initial price of 0,04 ETH and could be minted in our main dapp. Once sold out, you will be able to acquire yours in a secondary marketplace like Opensea. So, hurry up and minted your Pokecoin before it is too late.

Epoch 2: Pokecard

As shown before, Pokecoins are only the initial start point of the project and are designed as both collectible and utility NFTs.

Holders of Pokecoins will be rewarded with Pokecards, the NFT for the second phase of the game that will be launched in a second stage as a play-to-earn game. It can also be obtained by minting in our website or later in Opensea marketplace.

The second collection will consist of several NFT grouped by categories that can be used in our play-to-earn game, where users can enjoy plenty of benefits as well as our main token... or other tokens determined by the community! See our whitepaper.


Pokeworld Roadmap


2021 2022





Phase 1: Q3 2021

Project Development

  • Website development

  • Launch of Social Media channels

  • Creation and design of NFT

  • Halloween Contests

  • Bounty program

  • First audit
Phase 2: Q4 2021

Project Launch

  • Minting Dapp launch

  • 1st collection launch

  • Referral marketing program

  • Team expansion

  • Influencers Push

  • New NFT designs
Phase 3: Q1 2022

Project Maturity

  • Launch on Opensea

  • Sweepstakes and giveaways

  • CG and CMC listing

  • Partnerships with youtubers

  • First Limited Edition NFTs launch

  • Major marketing campaign
Phase 4: Q2-Q4 2022

Project Expansion

  • Financial press articles

  • Launching of Gaming P2E Platform

  • Partnerships

  • Community rewards

  • 2nd audit

  • Partnership with DEX NFT platforms

Who are we?

Hi! We are two enthusiastic artist couples of our favorite saga from our childhood.

The project consist of a 1st collection of 10,000 unique Pokecoins, a utilitary NFTs to access to our 2nd collection of Pokecards, with which we illustrate by hand and were randomly selected by an algorithm.

We have been working hard to establish our own style based on Pokemon saga, and we're continuously looking for new ways to push ourselves.

We believe in our community and we are commited to get them valuable collections!



Blockchain Expert






Community Manager




Join us!

We are always looking to expand the marketing and development team to accelerate our growth, so we are open to hire new positions with us.

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Pokeworld NFT

Once all NFT minted, you will be able to buy Pokeworld NFT on Opensea. More platform listings are coming soon.



What is your story?

Our story begins with a first collection of 10,000 unique Pokecoins that will allow the first holders to obtain an NFT of the second collection that will be launched in a second phase of the project as a Pokecards.

But what about the Art?

Each Pokecard is created hand-drawn. The generative algorithm ensures that all Pokecards are unique and none have the same set of traits. Some features are "weirder" than others, but all are meticulously illustrated.

What is your vision?

Our main goal is to develope a low fees Pokeland metaverse to interact not only with other users but also with other games.

How do you support the community?

During the first short-term, our purpose is to share 10% of Pokeworld benefits and secondary sales to our holders. Because of our token has the governance utility, if Pokeworld DAO decides to put these funds to a different use, such as donations to organizations, it will happen.

What is “Minting”?

Minting is the act of claiming ownership on a specific NFT for the very first time.The action of minting involves sending the correct amount of ETH to the NFT's “Smart Contract” (which you can think of as the registry for the specific NFT collection), the Smart Contract in turn will “mint” a new item in the collection and set the buyer's wallet address as the owner of that item.

The Poke cards smart contract is limited to 10,000 cards, so grab yours ASAP!

Can I sell my NFT?

After an NFT is minted, it can be traded freely by its current owner and there are no costs involved except Ethereum transaction fees. However, since such trading on Ethereum requires mutual trust, marketplaces like OpenSea were developed and solved that problem.

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace and the platform of choice for most collectors who wish to buy or sell. Trading on OpenSea involves additional fees for the seller.

How much does a Pokecoin cost?

The first Pokecoins are priced in ETH and cost 0.04 each in Presale. Then, it could be bought in secondary marketplace Opensea.

How much does a Pokecard cost?

The second collection of Pokecards could be obtain buying different Poke items and the cost will be determined by its rarity. The prices will be determined once 1st collection is completed.

How do I buy a Pokecoin?

You will need to have MetaMask installed and set up (If you don't know what MetaMask is or how to install it, please visit this link for instructions).

Then, you must visit here our page to mint your NFTs.

In order to buy, connect with your wallet and use the minting interface to select how many Pokecoins you want to get.

Click the shiny mint h4, approve the transaction on MetaMask and catch them NFT all into your wallet!

If sold out: please, visit Opensea marketplace here here

How do I buy a Pokecard?

Pokecard could not be obtained after 1st collection is released and fully sold out. The steps will be similar to buy a Pokecoin. In this case, the Pokecard will be obtained inside our website or on Opensea if some buyer put it in sell.